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    Bachir Bserani- Al Moussami- "The Name Giver"

Meet Bachir

For as long as he can remember, Bachir Bserani, a native to Syria, has loved and admired the beautiful and exotic Arabian horse. As a child, Bachir would ride together with his father through the Syrian Desert on an elegant chestnut Arabian mare named Al Mounjer - the Fortune Teller. These outings were wonderfully joyful and exciting to Bachir because, during their journies, Bachir and his father would stop to visit with the Bedouin tribes. These visits were full of mystifying stories, legends of the desert and lessons on Bedouin techniques of riding, caring for, naming and even talking to the revered Arabian horse.


As Bachir grew, so too did his passion for the Arabian horse. He apprenticed with the respected Colonel Posselle, a former instructor/trainer of the famous Spanish Riding School, eventually becoming a member of the Syrian Riding Team. Additionally, during this time Bachir attended La Federation du Club Hippique au Liban - an equestrian school in Beirut, where he earned a Certificate of Merit as an Equestrian Professor, Trainer and International Rider.


At the age of thirty, Bachir moved to the United States, settling in Texas, where he opened Abbey Downs Riding School. Word quickly spread of his knowledge of horses and his extensive insight of Middle Eastern culture and its many dialects. He released his first publication, What Is My Name?, in the early 1980s in response to a need for guidance on properly naming Arabian foals. Bachir continued riding and operating Abbey Downs Riding School for over a decade before relocating to Upstate New York.


Since then he has published two new titles, Authentic Arabian Horse Names Volume 1 and Volume 2 as well as producing a CD that accompanies Volume 1. He has continued riding and training. He frequently gives seminars on the importance of correctly naming Arabian foals. Throughout the year he gives clinics across the state and he judges several shows a year. In his free time he is currently working with his newest addition, a purebred Arabian gelding, Aamir Al Zeel. You can follow his training on the video page.


If you are interested in booking a Naming Seminar, a Riding Clinic, if you need a Show Judge, or if you need a little help picking the perfect Arabian name, please don't hesitate to contact Bachir using the contact page!

Why Authentic Arabian Horse Names?

 These are the only publications of their kind to provide the Arabian owner with the ability to name their foal as it was done historically.



As you spend time watching your precious foals grow and develop their own unique personalities and traits, it is hoped that these publications will be useful in, not only choosing just the perfect Arabic name for your youngster, but also in understanding the nature of these special creatures. Not only when you are trying to select a name for your horse, but every day, look at your horse, listen to your horse and truly feel your horse. That little nicker they make might be their way of expressing how happy they are to see you. Now you, proud Arabian horse owners, can introduce your horse with true desert Arabian names. Congratulations! Mabrouk!

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