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Authentic Arabian Horse Names - Volume 2


An Expanded Collection of Authentic Arabic Names and Arabian Tales from the Desert Co-written with Arabian horse breeder Kellie Kolodziejczyk, Bachir Bserani supplies more than just a mere listing of Arabic words with meanings. He transcends this by providing hand-picked Arabic names that are easily pronounced by Roman language speakers. The Arabic names are written in both the masculine and feminine form in Romanized Arabic. Next to each name is the English meaning as well the phonetic pronunciation. This is a very important aspect of the book and is what sets this book apart from standard Arabic dictionaries. As with any language, if the sound is not spoken correctly, the meaning of the word may be altered. Filled with breathtaking, full-color pictures throughout: The artwork on the front and back cover (as well as the art throughout the volume) is by the world-famous artist Ali Al Mimar. The stunning photography is by Gigi Grasso, Nasr Marei, Darryl Larson and Rik Van Lent Jr., and others.

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