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    Bachir Bserani- Al Moussami- "The Name Giver"

The main purpose of these publications is to assist Arabian, and part Arabian horse owners with selecting proper and true Arabic names for their foals. It is a wonderful privilege to own one of these majestic horses. I hope that you will agree as you read through these publications that naming the Arabian foal is an important process that requires thoughtful care and consideration if we are to honor the Arabian horses of today, as they have been honored for centuries past.


The value of these two volumes has grown since their original publication as other professional groups have recognized their importance. Breeders of the Saluki - the royal dog of Egypt, and the oldest known breed of domesticated dog - have also acknowledged the distinction that selecting an authentic name gives to their beloved animals.


Welcome to the world of Al Moussami, The Name Giver. Please feel free to browse and allow me to thank you, Ahlan Wah Sahlan Wah Shoukran!

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